Hololive CouncilRyS RPG Release!

It's finally here!

After 7 months of working on this in my free time it feels bittersweet to finally release my project. 

I made this because I really appreciate Councilrys, their bonds and interactions. If I could just capture a little bit of that in my game and have the player feel that, I'll be happy. It also just felt right to plop them into an RPG setting, given their lore and themes. 

This is my first game, the first time I've made art, the first time I've written anything for my own enjoyment, and I'm happy with how it turned out. This will likely be my last game, though, unfortunately. Game dev takes a ton of time, and I won't have the time and energy for after graduating.

As I prepare to begin my professional life, I could not be happier with having made something like this for the Hololive community.

And please followJeremy Robson! Every time I asked him for a song, he came back with two. He's a machine and he did such a great job. I hope others will see that too. 

Have fun!

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