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Now that we've seen Idol Showdown and Holocure release on Steam, any possibility of a Steam release?

What if the Council was more expressive, closing their eyes upon defeat?

Is fullscreen mode disabled outright? I downloaded the game for the first time and couldn't find it in the settings. The usual windows shortcut to enter fullscreen doesn't work either. I'm only able to play in windowed/maximized.


Cool game, wish that I can change the controls tho, it's a bit annoying



A really cool game, thank you for all the references and emotions <3


insanely good game my guy

great work


I haven't actually finished the game yet, but I have to say that between the super cute environments and detailed combat animations, the visuals in this are some of the most impressive I've seen in a pixelart game. Also, the writing is brilliant, especially when the dialogue imitates the talents' speech patterns in a really natural, authentic way.

I'm struggling with activating New Game+. I beat the game and selected the file. What am I supposed to do next? I hit new game and it seemed to be the same. I tried hitting continue on my last file and it brought me back to the final boss. I'm not sure what to do. Love the game though!


You need to select the save slot where you saved the New Game+ save file in order to, more or less, load up into a New Game+ run. If memory serves, the file should even say something like "File #: New Game+", with the # being the number of the save slot you saved it to.


is there an option to change the controls from the arrow keys to WASD? its kinda using the arrow keys from my laptop cause my keyboard does'nt have arrow keys :(


Downloaded this last night.  It took about 4.5 hours to beat. I played through it again on NG+ today and beat it.
It's one of the better games I've played in the last 5 years or so.
My only criticism is that the victory screen overlaps the character xp bars with the xp and coin rewards.  Maybe bump them down so they start under the xp/coin rewards and make 2 equal columns? Not sure if that's possible though.

i get stuck right at the beginning where the council member just met at the forest. (right after dialog finished)

tried pressing every key, doesn't do anything at all :(


If you're playing in fullscreen mode, it can bug out in that scene for some unknown reason. Try exiting fullscreen mode for that scene. I'm not sure where else fullscreen mode might interfere with cutscenes, so it might be safer to play windowed for the rest of the game. 

This game is really cool, I played it when it first came out. I see that there are a few new updates to the game since the last time I have played. How do I update the game without losing my previous save data? 


You can make a copy of the save folder and transfer the save folder over to the new game. 

It worked, thank you!


this game is really amazing, to me I like it more the holocure mainly cause I hate vampire survivors but I love RPG games even old style ones, the music and the way council talk is very funny, also the ending damn had me in tears 


I really appreciate all the work that has gone into the NG+ dialogue, especially after launch. Great game, moreso given that it's free!



wait... There are 6 mirrors and 5 character, does that mean the 6th one belongs to Sana


If you know, you know

If you don't, you poor innocent soul

This is a great game, the story, music, gameplay,... I can't ask for more. But I think it would be better if you add more item such as signature weapons for all the girl :v


This is such a great game. Loved all the references included in the items, skills, locations, dialogues, enemies, npcs... everywhere! And the music is top notch too! Excellent work!!

Is there anything I would improve? I don't think so. The game is perfect as it is!

Oh and congrats on getting it played on stream by the holoEN girls! It's the highest honor for a holo fangame, for sure!

A great game!

For some reason I can't download it. I can download all other games fine.

Well, i upload to my MEGA, so, feel free to download
If MEGA ask for code, this is it: rDWb1UM4RKc9UOQtJgssTq7wQeZHqELdKduErKMAdf4

what the max level cause i wanna be a mad lad and max level fauna chapter 1 cause i have no life yes (well fauna and mumei but still haven't killed the emo fauna)

99 apparently, it took someone 17 hours to get to 70 with an endgame area. I wish you the best soldier.

i could do it in ng+ for it to be easier but nah since it just give u more party member and not more exp

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Love the look of the game.  Can't play it, no computer. 

  If anyone is looking for a new game idea how about Myth vs Ina. It starts out with Kiara getten kidnap by shrimps to Atlantis.  Calli goes to rescue her only to find Kiara and Gura just chilling.  Then Gura gets attacked by a dark figure turning her into Gawr and fighting Calli and Kiara.  After the fight their told to find Watson.  Leading to events of Myth's Bad Ending. If the player wins against Ina and AO (Ina sealing AO into the book) good ending with the debut streams playing, if not the bad ending plays.  Just a thought if anyone wants it.  I can't make it.

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I would totally play a game based on the Myth's Bad Ending and the events that precede it!

Wait, what's the difference between Gura and Gawr?

Gura would be more of a defensive fighter.  Putting buffs on the party.  Gawr would be her berserk mode.  Going all out when her HP hits critical.

So basically, Gawr is Gura in the Myth's Bad Ending animation when her eyes change from black to white.

yes.  Gura would become Gawr for one turn kind of like a limited break or a berserk mode in some games.  She would not be able move for one turn after using it though.  She could also change if her HP hits zero as a last resort move.  That's what I was thinking anyway.

Interesting. I like it.

But wouldn't she die if her HP hit 0? That's usually how games work, lol.

A really great game, I can only recommend it! I liked the story and they way coucilrys was written. It had a good length and was also pretty challenging, at least for me. But i have to say the enemys in the last area were a little bit to strong all of a sudden, or I was underleveled I don't know. And the final bossfight was also really hard, but I liked it. I don't know if you plan to do another game similar to this for maybe holomyth or a sequel to this one, but I would enjoy it very much. Thanks for creating this game, I had a blast. Sananara!

How do you update your game and keep your save? 

You can transfer the save folder over. 

What is this password for the Casino? or at least how do I learn the Password?

It's a reference to Bae's New Years Countdown stream in which she leaks a password. You can search that on youtube to learn it!

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thank you for the hours of entertainment. enjoyed all the references and character dialogue!

*edit: found a bug, jukebox does not play here comes hope but plays MysteRys and gets stuck on the track.

Thanks for letting me know!


Wait a minute... where's Sana?

Deleted 323 days ago

Ummmm... Ib? Mogeko Castle? Sure, many indie horror classics like The Crooked Man were made in the free alternative Wolf RPG, but RPG Maker is still very influential.

This is gas!

Finished the game earlier after seeing Mumei play it now, and said let me just get to it before more members play it. what an amazing game. Actually loved it a lot. Witty dialogue, the music was amazing, good jokes and humors like on level up quotes, everyone is pretty strong but imo the strength is like: Irys, Bae, S, Kronii, Fauna, Mumei. The only thing I would've liked more is equipment. Unless I'm missing something is there only a dice for Bae and the limiter for S. I thought it would've been nice if there was a secret area or something that let everyone get a unique weapon or something. That is my only nitpick on this though. Overall too much fun too short wish there was more of this awesomeness! 10/10

Amazing game. Haven't been hooked to a decent top-down in a long time. Will thoroughly enjoy this game. Thanks for making a great product. It's getting me motivated to get back into game-dev. Keep up the good work yo.

found bug in creepy house looking for bae. Cursed owl path-finding is bugged at certain corners. They get confused and are on you but don't trigger event/fight.


It's games like this that inspired me to become a game developer myself.

Keep up the good work!

I encountered a bug when you fight Anuaf, I talked to her and started the fight from behind her. Fauna and Mumei talked after but now i cant move or do any inputs.

Should've listened to that sapling and saved... 


I see the issue! Thanks for letting me know. Sorry about your save!

Also happen in the NG+ mode. Talked to Anuaf from behind and when the fight ended, I just stuck right there. Luckily saved the game before the fight :3

is the game finished


so why then does it say in development?

I forgot to change it, sorry

one last thing, is it a hard RPG game cause I am not good at them but I love hololive soo much

I think it can be challenging, but if you take your time to understand and try out the various different types of support or status effect skills it shouldn't be too hard!

When I saw the Bloom that asked if you needed to be healed, I was kind of expecting there to be a Gloom that asked if you needed to be harmed, which would set your HP to 1. I'm not saying you have to patch the game to include my dumb joke, but... ;)

Pretty funny!

Does it have controller support?

not sure if its too late but you can use an external program JoyToKey to convert controller inputs to keyboard inputs~


Amazing, it was really a nice game. I really didn't expect a lot but it was bigger and way better than what I tough. Didn't try NG+ tho but we will see later. Music are also very well done too !

The only sad part is that we can only have items in chest and no equipements, as well as mobs loot no items, but that's not a real problem at all. The normal game is pretty easy and some support skills are really OP, but I might think ng+ plus be harder so maybe that's why.

Again it was an amazing game. Thank you for your works! 


This was a beautiful game! Big ups to you and the composer for your wonderful work! I enjoyed playing through NG+ as well! CouncilRyS forever. :D


The game is honestly incredible, one of the best Hololive fan games

Btw I wish the game had a variety of languages since my English is not the best xdd

I think there is a bug with the dueling Kronys in the desert. I talked to the left Krony and told him he would win. They turned and fired at eachother, but now it seems like I'm trapped waiting for something to happen.


Okay I figured out how to recreate the bug, talk to the left Krony from their left side so they have to where to back up to if they get shot. Tell them they'll win and then you get stuck.


Thanks for letting me know! I'll get a fix in right now. 


Incredible!! i just live this game, one of the best fan made game of hololive i have ever played!


I'm so glad to see the fangame scene flourish after Kay Yu's stellar work on HoloCure

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